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The Power of the Pen (and Paper)

Monday, January 22nd, 2018

“People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”
– Maya Angelou

We love this quote. In fact, it’s hanging on our wall. One of the simplest, most cost-effective ways of making people feel appreciated, loved or valued is to send them a handwritten note.

Building Relationships the Write Way
A handwritten note is such a rare treat these days, and a surefire way to make the recipient feel special. As the Experience economy* becomes more relevant, this is an excellent marketing tool to promote the customer experience.

Go Old School
It’s ironic that now, you can make someone feel special simply by putting pen to paper. There’s something powerful about a thank you note received in the mail vs. receiving a text or email. The extra effort and deliberate thought process involved in writing and sending one is definitely felt and remembered by the recipient.

Be Different
According to John Coleman in an article in the Harvard Business Review, the average home only receives a personal letter once every seven weeks. The stats Coleman cited date back to 2010. I imagine it’s even more a rarity today. What an easy way to stand out!

Tips for Writing Handwritten Notes

  • Don’t fret about your handwriting skills! Your kind words, and the perceived investment in time will make an impression.
  • Keep it to a few meaningful and personalized sentences.
  • Your choice in words – and even the design of the card – becomes a part of the customer experience, and an opportunity for you to express your brand.
  • Build note writing into your marketing and sales process. Carve out time in your schedule each day, or week. Whatever works for you… just do it!

*The Experience Economy, written by Joesph Pine and James Gilmore. 2011. A great business read reinforcing the importance of making unique connections to secure customer affections. (back cover)

The Amazing Beebop Bluetooth Headphones!

Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

Here at RAD Graphics, we fight over who gets to use these just about every day. They sound, look and perform great.

I’ve connected these to iPhones, iPads, laptops and computers easily. These can be ordered in quantities as low as ONE, and that’s what makes these great for showing appreciation to an employee, or thanking a client. These bluetooth wireless headphones have a large imprint size and feature…

  • A 33 ft. wireless range
  • Stereo sound with outside noise reduction
  • Multi-function on-ear buttons
  • Built-in microphone for phone calls
  • Cool gift box

Price for one = $41.50

Price for 50 = $32 each


Get better ROI with Food Gifts

Thursday, November 9th, 2017

Businesses make significant investments in their holiday gift program, but too often, gift purchases are left to the last minute. The result? ROI is much less than it could have been. However, with a little planning you can be assured of getting the best ROI from your program.

The gifts you send to customers, fellow business associates and employees are a reflection of you and your company. You want to showcase the excellence of your brand by sending a gift that is memorable and exceptional.

Follow these three basic planning steps, and remember, we’re here to help you through the process!

1. Evaluate last year’s program
Think about last year’s program. What did you like about it? What didn’t you like? What went wrong? The answers to these questions will help you get off to a good start with this year’s program.

2. Choose the proper food gifts

  • Gifts for individuals vs. gifts to be shared
    When purchasing gifts for individuals you may want to consider something that serves one or a family. Such as hams, smoked turkeys, or individual gift boxes. However, when selecting gifts for an office environment, options like gourmet towers that can be opened and shared at once are a better choice.
  • The correct gift size
    Choosing the right‐sized gift is an important step. Sending a 12 piece box of chocolate to an individual is fine, but if it is to be shared in an office with 30 people it doesn’t go very far, so it is important to select gifts tailored to fit the recipient. When sending gifts to be shared you will want to send a gift that includes enough for all. We can help you narrow down gifts by the number of people they will serve.
  • Branded gifts deliver more value
    Sending a gift that features your company’s logo on the packaging adds a classy touch and shows that you put extra thought into gift selection. It also helps build your brand by keeping your name top of mind. If you are sending gifts to individuals, you may want to consider gifts that contain a branded item that will be retained long after the food has been enjoyed, such as a cutting board, desk accessory or collectible wooden truck.
  • Special dietary considerations
    Do some of your customers or employees keep Kosher? If so, you will want to select gifts that are certified to be Kosher.

3. Choose the best method of distribution
Personal delivery of gifts is the best way to distribute them. However, because of time and logistical constraints, this isn’t always possible. There are a number of other ways to get gifts into your recipients’ hands…

  • Shipping gifts from your facility
    Shipping gifts from your office or shipping department is a great option if your shipping list is not quite complete at the time you order. Gifts will ship to you as you continue to fine‐tune your list until you’re ready to ship.
  • Shipping directly from the producer
    There are a variety of situations in which it is best to have the vendor ship the gifts for you:

    • Perishable Gifts
      If you are ordering perishable products like hams, smoked turkeys, or natural cheese packages that require refrigeration it is generally best ship those gifts directly to each recipient. It can be difficult to receive a shipment of perishable gifts and then turn around and get them delivered to the recipients in time, especially if you lack necessary storage facilities.
    • Tight Timeline
      If you are on a tight timeline, shipping directly from the vendor can save you valuable time and ensure your gifts are delivered when you want them.
    • Large Orders
      If your order is large, it may be unmanageable to handle the shipping yourself. Simplify the process and reduce stress by having the producer handle the shipping.

When you give a gift, you’re giving an experience. Giving your recipients the best possible experience and in a timely manner will boost your ROI and ensure that your gift and brand will be remembered positively long after the treats have been enjoyed.

RAD Graphics partnered with Maple Ridge Farms as our food gift provider of choice. Maple Ridge Farms gifts are sold exclusively through businesses like ours. They follow FDA guidelines for food handling, labeling and packaging. Their food is fresh and of high quality, and their packaging is beautiful as well as customizable. They offer a wide variety of options and in price points between $10 – $250. Maple Ridge Farms is located in Liz’s home state of Wisconsin – another bonus!

Built-In Marketing Ideas for 2016

Thursday, January 28th, 2016

Have Fun today!

It's Fun at Work Day today!

Happy “Fun at Work Day”!


Did you know that today – January 28th – is National Fun at Work Day? If that sounds like another bogus reason to make the day special, consider this… according to Dave Hemseth and Leslie Yerkes, the authors of 301 Ways to Have Fun at Work state “Organizations that integrate fun into work have lower levels of absenteeism, greater job satisfaction, increased productivity, and less downtime.”

Not only is Having Fun at Work important to organizations’ success, noting the day is a great (and fun) way to stay top of mind. Showcase your culture on social channels; tell your clients a funny joke; send a goofy promo item to prospects – the possibilities are endless.

Every business needs to create and execute a marketing strategy throughout the year, so why not work with built-in dates and awareness issues? 2016 is filled with unique and noteworthy reasons to reach out to your market to build awareness and celebrate. Download our guide with a full year of dates, tips and marketing topics broken down by month.

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How to Choose the RIGHT Promotional Product

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Promotional products and apparel are great for showing your appreciation, launching a new service, or even for building loyalty. The key, of course, is to choose them wisely.  Here are a few tips for choosing the right promotional item for your customers, prospects or employees.

Know Your Target Market
This is the most important place to start.  Keep in mind your audience will accept just about any free item, but the goal is to get them to use it, and that’s why it’s important that the item addresses your target markets needs AND their tastes.

So, who is your target market?  What’s their average age, gender and income level?  What do they struggle with?  If your target market is a business professional, what position do they typically hold?  Analyze your customer base and figure out what makes them tick. You can do this by simply exploring social media sites, or surveying some of your clients directly.  Once you’ve defined who your audience is, it’s easier to find relevant items.  Reach out to us or a professional in the industry for help if you’re still stuck.

Know Your Distribution Method
How will you get these in your target market’s hands?  If you’re including a product in a mailing campaign, chose a light, thin item like a pen or a magnet.  Apparel items and mugs or stemware are ideal handed out in person or at trade shows.

Looks ARE Important
Cheap looking items or those of low quality, or worse, items that don’t consistently work, will reflect poorly on your brand and company reputation.  Always make sure they are good quality.  Keep in mind, that doesn’t mean expensive.

A few more tips to remember:

  • Don’t be boring. You’re not boring, so why should an item that represents your brand be boring? There are so many options for almost any type of product you’re seeking out.  Remember, the objective is to choose an item that gets held on to and used!
  • Choose a product with a long shelf life. The longer it gets used, the better brand exposure you get. Great long term items include lipbalm, unique mugs and quality apparel to name a few.
  • Imprint with your logo and a call to action. Do you want people to visit your website, email you or call?  Whatever you want them to do should be your call to action.  Make sure the color of the item works with your brand.
  • Have a few different items on hand for various occasions. This is a great strategy for trade shows.  Have an inexpensive give-away for all who stop by and a nicer item for those who give them contact info, and an even nicer option for those you have a conversation with.
  • Think ahead! It’s best to get a sample of what you’re interested in ordering so take action weeks – maybe even months – before you actually need the item in hand.  This allows time for you to touch, feel, and even use a sample before committing to a large run.

If you’d like our 3-step worksheet on How to Choose the Right Promotional Item, just send us an email!