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Write Like a Marketer

Monday, January 15th, 2018

Just about anyone can write. But writing – and writing for marketing – are two very different things. If you’re looking to sharpen your writing skills to attract and retain customers or clients, read on!


Anyone can write, right?

Top 10 Writing Tips for Marketing

1. Ditch the formality. Write like you speak so your market can relate to you. Enough said.

2. BUT, pay attention to grammar and spelling. PLS don’t write like YR 12 year old niece TXTS.  Always run spell check, and have a colleague check for grammar, proper context and meaning.

3. Avoid the “Paradigm Shift”. All it takes is one reference to buzz words like “Bleeding edge technology” or “value-driven mandates”, and people tune out. Use language anyone can understand. If your mom doesn’t know what your organization’s paradigm shift is, don’t use it.

4. Know your target market and write to them. Give them what they need to know when they need it. For example, you’re creating an ad campaign that introduces your company to your target audience. Highlight the main value your clients or customers gain from your products or services. At this point in the buying cycle, they need to know what’s in it for them. Your company history doesn’t matter to them just yet.

5. Know how long your content should be. Email subject lines should be 50 characters or LESS.  A line of text should be no longer than 12 words. A paragraph should be no more than 4 lines.

6. Tell your story. Share your passion – it’s what sets you apart. You may provide accounting services, but so does every CPA. Tell WHY you love maximizing your clients’ income. It will energize you, and your audience will feel it.

7. Brevity trumps long-winded. Take out any filler and fluff. Every word needs to add meaning for your reader. Attention spans are getting shorter. The number of smart phones used to consume content is increasing. Keep that in mind.

8. For headlines, create curiosity and use lively words. But remember to Keep it Super Short (KISS).

9. For blog posts, consistency is key. Don’t post twice a month then abandon your blog for 3 months, only to pick up again 4 months later. Respect your readers time and be concise in your thought. Use bullet points or lists to organize information. Same applies for email marketing.

10. Have one clear and compelling call to action. Everyone is distracted and busy. Your content needs to generate an activity. A generic call to action like “Contact us” will not inspire action. “Click today to receive a free sample” is so much better. Get clear on what you want your market to do. Including a deadline helps!

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9 Ways to Find Great Content Ideas for Marketers

Friday, April 29th, 2016


If you’re responsible for creating relevant marketing content for your company, you most likely have suffered from writers block or idea overload at some point.  Create content your market want with these tips…
  1. Recap five interesting things you learned at an event you recently attended.

    Don't let a lack of ideas bring your marketing to a halt.

  2. Re-purpose content from one of your existing presentations or seminars.
  3. In the spirit of recycling, take a look at older content and go ahead and re-fresh and re-use.  Trust me, your market needs to hear the message again.
  4. Ask your sales reps what questions they are most asked. Since they interface most frequently with your clients and prospect, their insight is incredibly valuable. Answer the most commonly asked question, and make sure you capture the way they ask it.
  5. Share a “how-to” tip on a favorite product. Consider video for this. Did you know that including video in emails can increase your click through rate by 300%?
  6. Ask an industry expert to be featured in an interview by you.  Ask your clients or customers in advance what they’d like to know from the expert.
  7. Curate content by compiling industry news – add your opinion or take on it for a personalized touch.  There are plenty of ways to automate gathering information. Set up Google alerts to receive the latest articles in your inbox.  Use an RSS site like Feedly or InoReader to keep up with important news.
  8. Share an interesting or touching story about an employee, or client.  Including the personal touch is becoming more relevant in our increasingly automated world!
  9. Survey your list using either social sites or email and ask what they’d like to know about your area of expertise or your products or services.  Ask open ended questions to avoid “leading the witness”.  You want to get at what’s really on their mind.

Do you have a favorite tip for creating great content ideas? Leave a reply below.

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