Leadership Lake County: Custom Boxes

Leadership Lake County (LLC) offers community-based leadership development programs for all ages (grade school to senior leadership) in Lake County, Ohio.

LLC’s Youth Leadership Academy (6th – 8th grade), and Junior Leadership Program (10th – 12th grade) graduates were looking forward to celebrating their achievments during their awards presentation scheduled for mid-May, but COVID-19 restrictions made the year-end celebration and awards event for their Youth and Junior Leadership Program graduates impossible.

We designed and printed a custom box to hold certificates, and provided a branded USB drive to house a special slide presentation featuring the students throughout the course of the 8 to 9 month program.

“I love these… there are so many fabulous memories in plain view! Most importantly, these were a big hit with the students!”

– Dr. Jessie Baginski, President & CEO of Leadership Lake County


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