Meaden & Moore: 100 Year Celebration Graphics

Meaden & Moore is a full-service accounting, business and financial services firm with locations throughout the world. In 2019, they celebrated 100 years serving clients and individuals.

We were asked to design a series of logos to commemorate their centennial. The logos were the foundation we built ads, banners and marketing materials from. 

The main 100-year logo with full tagline was developed first.


Creative Services
   • Art Direction
   • Graphic Design

Pring Serivices

Promo and Apparel

Round and square icons were then designed to be used in all collateral to compliment the main 100 year logo.

The icon designs were used to produce enamel lapel pins.

Gala Event Graphics

Horizontal tri-fold was designed and printed to announce Meaden & Moore’s Gala event. Metallic silver was used to create a unique and classy invite. Postcards, email content was also provided to support the gala events!

100,000 For the Greater Good Campaign

We designed a logo, print and digital ads to celebrate Meaden & Moore’s 100,000 For the Greater Good Campaign which sought to donate $100,000 to non-profits in honor of their centenial celebration.

Promotional items like tasting glasses and paddles were created.