Here’s another clever piece I feel is worth sharing. This is a fully custom, 120 piece puzzle with a very attractive gift box with magnetic flap. The overall quality is very good. In a digital world, puzzles are a way to unplug, relieve stress, relax and help keep memory sharp. In the promotional products industry where less than a dozen piece puzzles are common, 120 pieces is enough to make you actually have to work on it.

This is where the magic comes to play in the corporate space. Between the brandabe real estate (approx 8″ x 11″) and the amount of FOCUS and interaction someone will have with your brand and message, this can have a big impact. Want to get your sales team pumped about your upcoming awards trip to the Bahamas? Or get your employees to actually remember your corporate values & mission? Just think of the time of looking at the box cover and adding one piece at a time… and don’t get me started on all the cliches you can work with involving puzzle pieces!

For under $13/ea this RAD Approved.