Here’s a new product that you will like. This full color neoprene phone holder fits all cell phone cases. Its not a stick on. It looks like a baby cumberbund for your phone. It fastens inside your phone case with velcro creating a  nice snug fit with nothing really protruding, and most important I feel secure that I won’t drop my phone. Great for walking, selfies or both (please don’t).  Also great real estate to promote your brand in full color and changeable messaging on both sides. I’ve been using mine for the past 3 months and I find it very functional. My only suggestion is to stick with dark colors or busy graphics.  Light colors will likely show dirt over time.  You’re looking between $4.50-$6/ea based on qty and number of sides.

I think its one of the more clever products on the market and this is RAD Approved.