To say the pandemic has created challenges for businesses – both internally and externally – is an understatement. Internally with how employees work and access what they need, and externally, with the decrease in sales due to the challenging nature of working in a decentralized environment and the pulling back of budgets. Thankfully, technology can help mitigate some of these challenges. Our software partner recently launched an upgrade to our corporate portals that helps businesses…
  1. Consolidate ordering information – which saves time and resources,
  2. Protect their brand while allowing 24/7 customizing of products, and
  3. Provide useful data on what is being ordered and spent. Now is the perfect time to implement a custom corporate ordering portal to provide valuable data, convenience and free up resources going forward.
Watch a five minute overview video showing the noteworthy features of our upgraded portal.
Corporate portals offer many benefits. They can…
  • Organize and consolidate just about any product and file online
    • Custom corporate catalog can include print items, custom apparel or promotional products, forms, business cards, letterhead, etc.
    • Search feature as well as favorites catalog makes finding items quick and easy
    • Categorize your items in a way that makes sense for your organization
    • Your corporate portal can include an asset management feature to organize company-wide files that need to be located and shared easily.
  • Create new documents on the fly (24/7) with variable templates
    • Templates can include a simple business card to multi-page, and even multi-size documents
    • Lock down your brand- including critical logos, colors, fonts and imagery
    • Drop down menu’s can include pre-populated names or addresses
    • Manager approvals can be activated before final files are downloaded or printed
  • Gather data on what’s being ordered and spent in your organization with 24/7 reporting
    • Budget Reports
    • Cost Center Reports
    • Order summary & Tracking reports
    • Inventory reports
  • Manage or incentivize spend
    • Approval rules can be implemented based on dollar amount, specific item, etc.
    • Budgets can be set per cost center
    • Allowances can be allocated
    • Gift certificates & coupons can be issued to incentivise ordering
  • Simplify shipping and billing
    • Ship-to and bill-to addresses can be pre-loaded and displayed based on user’s credentials
    • Users can create a new ship-to address – ideal for work-at home employees
    • Shipping methods and payment methods can be pre-determined, or optional
If you’d like a one-on-one demo, please reach out to us!